Nancy Mankins Hamm Author & Speaker

Are  you looking for good, clean Christian Fiction Books?

Nancy's books have unique settings, feisty characters, romance, infectious humor, and heroism at its best. Through her books you will gain the rich experience of traversing cultural barriers through characters you will relate to and fall in love with.  Her Christian Novel, The Outcasts, was inspired by her own experiences living among people suspended in time by isolation.

 Nancy is also the author of Hostage The incredible True Story of the Kidnapping of Three American Missionaries.​​

As an inspirational speaker, Nancy shares from her heart and through her own experiences, how to ​find joy-even in the midst of life's deepest trials.

Inspirational Speaker

​"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "Plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future."  Jeremiah 29:11

Deep in the jungle of Panama, Dave and Nancy Mankins served for seven years as missionaries in a small isolated village.

     Then suddenly their lives  were torn apart, moment by terrifying moment. . .

Colombian terrorists burst into their jungle home and captured Dave, along with fellow missionaries Mark Rich and Rick Tenenoff. Helplessly, their wives watched in horror as the three men were seized at gunpoint. With their hands bound behind their backs, the three hostages were forced out of their homes to a dark, dangerous trail leading to Colombia.

In this riveting story, from their first day in the village, to the agonizing years of not knowing the fate of their husbands, Hostage is the inspiring account of the women's courage and faith in God, who sustained them through unimaginable circumstances.

"You will marry Fidel!" Her father's menacing tone was all too loud and clear.  "Yesterday I gave him my word."

Victoria's long black hair flew over her shoulder as the fifteen-year-old met her father's angry glare. His hands were hurting her arms, as he continued to grasp her tightly.  Her once beautiful, soft brown eyes were wild with fear and hate. With all of her heart she wanted to die rather than succumb to his demand. But she had no choice, no choice at all!

When Victoria gives birth to twins, the culture mandates that they be buried alive.  But Victoria defies the deadly taboo—she will not allow her babies to be killed.  Fidel and Victoria’s household flees. Estranged from their entire society, they are pursued by those seeking to kill them.  Desperate to survive, they join with other outcasts and struggle to establish a community of their own.

Through the pages of this Christian novel, though the year is 1972, you will step into another world and experience life through the eyes of people who have been suspended in time by isolation. You will be caught up in adventure and intrigue as two worlds finally collide.

Through the eight and a half years of not knowing whether my late husband was alive or with the Lord I have learned about suffering and separation.  Through loosing my nine-year-old granddaughter due to cancer, and my mother, through strokes and dementia, I've walked through a different valley of suffering and pain.

I've had the opportunity to speak at dozens of churches, mission conferences, ladies retreats, and banquets, and have found a common thread.   People question why God allows trials into our lives, and whether it is somehow our fault, through sin or our own lack of faith.  I also believe that people are hungry to hear that there is hope and help from God to get through any trial that comes into our lives.

I would like to share at your event how I found my way to God's sustaining grace, where we can all find peace...even in the midst of pain during life's deepest trials.